Water Dripping

Why is my Air Conditioning Dripping Water?

Central air conditioning systems always create some water while they operate. So depending on where the water is dripping, you might have a problem. Since water is a very destructive force in a home, if it is dripping in the wrong place, you’ll want to schedule repairs right away. Normal Water Dripping Every air conditioner […]

Why My Air Conditioner Smells

Your air conditioning just kicked in and now you can smell something funny coming from your vents. Is this a sign of a serious problem or just something unpleasant? Here’s what you need to know about air conditioner smells. Types of Air Conditioner Smells Dirty Sock Syndrome When your cooling system kicks out a smell […]

Frozen Air Conditioner

What Causes Air Conditioners to Freeze?

You may be in disbelief if your air conditioning unit looks like it is the middle of winter while it is 85 degrees outside. But, believe it or not, one of the most common problems asked about with air conditioners is why they freeze? The simple answer is usually a lack of proper maintenance on […]

Repair vs Replace – For AC Units the Equation is Changing

Fixing an Old Air Conditioning Unit May Soon Cost More Than Replacement. The reasonĀ is simple. Refrigerant. Due to environmental concerns, the EPA all but banned air conditioning manufacturers from selling units that use R-22 (commonly known to most people by the brand nameĀ Freon). Along with that ban, the EPA has mandated a reduction in availability […]