80 Decibels - the same level of noise that you get with a noisy air conditioner

Noisy Air Conditioner Solutions

Noise is a common complaint about air conditioners. The average central air conditioner outdoor unit being installed today is around 70 decibels. Some of the noisiest are closer to 80 decibels. So how loud is that? It puts the average outdoor unit at about the same noise level as a normal conversation. If you happen […]


3 Myths About Your Air Conditioner

We answer a lot of questions about heating and cooling. Most of the time, they are legitimate concerns, like “why does my air conditioner freeze?” or “why does my air conditioner smell?” Other questions we get are based mostly on rumors and fear. In short, they are myths that you don’t really need to be […]

Thermal Image of House

Why Does Running My AC Cost So Much?

Electric bills in the summer can get very expensive. For the 95% of us in the South Atlantic United States that use air conditioning, the reason is pretty obvious. A/C units take energy to cool your house from the 90 degrees it is outside to something a lot more comfortable inside. The good news is […]