WaterFurnace 7 Series qualifies for 30% federal tax credit

Federal Geothermal Tax Credits Return

As part of a bill to temporarily fund the federal government, federal tax credits for geothermal heating and cooling systems are now back in place. The credits provide a 30% tax savings for installations through December 31, 2019. Smaller credits are available through 2021. Even homeowners who installed a geothermal system in 2017, after the […]

SC State Map

2018 is Best Year for Geothermal Installs in SC

2018 is the best time for anyone in South Carolina to install a geothermal heating and cooling system. The reason is simple. Tax Credits. Installing the System this year will save you 30% on your federal tax bill and the South Carolina State tax credit of 25% is set to expire at the end of […]

Trane Heating and Cooling Systems

How Your Heat and Air Conditioning Work

Have you ever wondered about how air conditioners keep you cool, furnaces keep you warm or heat pumps do both? Here is a basic rundown of how each of these systems work. How Your Central Air Conditioner Works Everyone knows that central air conditioning systems make it cooler in your home, but few understand how […]

Furnace Installed in a House.

Top 10 Questions About Furnaces

Customers ask a lot of questions when they call the office. Many times they want to know if they really need to schedule a service visit or if something they hear, smell or see is nothing to worry about. Here are the top questions and answers to whether you need service. 10. Can My Furnace […]