Top 10 Signs You Need Heating and Cooling Repairs

Sometimes your heating or cooling system will just stop working without any warning. One day it works. The next it doesn’t. However, there are times when you might notice something a little off about the performance of your system and may want to schedule a service visit before the system entirely stops working. Here are some common signs you need heating and cooling repairs.


Signs You Need Heating Repairs

#1 You think the gas or electric company made a mistake when you see your bill.

Rising gas or electricity bills can be misleading because your system may just be working harder than normal during extreme temperatures, but if you start noticing a trend when temperatures have been pretty normal or even warmer than usual, then you are having an efficiency problem. Something in your heating system may be dirty or broken and in need of service to prevent further problems.

#2 Yellow flame in the burner of your furnace.

If you start wondering about your gas furnace and the burner flame is yellow instead of blue, you have an immediate emergency. Carbon Monoxide is likely leaking from your furnace. Shut it off, make sure the house is ventilated and call for a repair.

#3 Noise. Too much Noise.

Just like in a car, funny noises may signal a problem that will soon need repair. Squeaking, clunking and other noises when your system is running or turning on and off should be investigated. At the very least, a service call will return your system to quiet operation. It may keep you from needing an emergency repair.

If you live in Rock Hill, SC or the Charlotte, NC area, we provide heating repair services. More questions about your heating system? Check out “The top 10 questions about Furnaces.”

worn coils on your air conditioner are one sign you need heating and cooling repairs

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repairs

Just like with heating systems, your AC unit sometimes warns you before it just stops working. Here are a few things to watch for.

Ice on Air Conditioner in the summer is a sign you need heating and cooling repairs.

#4 Your A/C Unit thinks it is winter in the middle of the summer.

Ice or frost on your AC unit’s coils or pipes is a problem. You can learn more about the causes of this frequently asked about problem in our article “What Causes Air Conditioners to Freeze?”

#5 Your A/C seems like it is haunted because of all the spooky sounds it is making.

Noise from your A/C unit is a lot like noise from your furnace. If you are hearing unusual sounds, then it is probably because something is in the process of breaking down.

#6 You have to put your face up to the air vents to feel any cold air.

Reduced air flow in your house could be a simple problem like needing to change the air filters. Or it could be a duct issue, blower problem, or something else that a technician can diagnose.

#7 It smells like someone hasn’t changed their socks in 6 weeks.

Dirty sock syndrome is a real thing. You can read about it and other smells in our article “Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?”

If you are experiencing any of these, there is a good chance that it is because of dirty or broken parts in your AC unit or incorrect coolant levels. A service call will allow diagnosis and repair of the problem, so you don’t “suddenly” lose your air conditioning on the hottest day of the year.

For cooling repair in the Charlotte metro area, please call us or use our contact form.

Signs You May Need Additional Heating and Cooling Repairs or Replacement

#8 You have nicknamed an ordinary bedroom “the sauna.”

When one room is a lot hotter or colder than most of the house, it can be very uncomfortable to use. Often some changes in ductwork and thermostat technology can make a big difference in comfort.

#9 You were inspired by those signs on vacation rentals and have name your home “the dust bowl.”

Too much dust? We have air cleaners and filtering systems that can help with this problem.

#10 It is so humid in your house that a thunderstorm just started in your kitchen

Girl sitting under an umbrella inside. If it is this humid, you might need heating and cooling repairs.


While your actual furnace or Air Conditioning system may be working fine with these symptoms, most of these problems can be corrected. Your home may need ductwork sealed or insulated. You may need different size ducts, additional registers in some rooms or other adjustments to the duct system. Give us a call if you need heating and cooling repairs in the Rock Hill, SC area. We also install air cleaning systems and humidifiers to existing HVAC systems to help make your home more comfortable.