Troubleshooting Tips for HVAC System Fails

What should you do if your HVAC system fails? The simple answer would be to call a reputable professional in your area to send an HVAC technician to service the equipment. If you are in the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC area, we’re ready for your call 24 hours each day. But you might want to check a few things first to make sure it isn’t a simple common problem causing the the system failure.

Check Your Thermostat

If you want to turn on your air conditioner, make sure the thermostat is set below room temperature and the SYSTEM switch is on the COOL or AUTO position. If you want heat, make sure the thermostat is set above room temperature and the SYSTEM switch is on HEAT or AUTO.

The FAN switch should be set at ON for continuous blower operation or AUTO if you want the blower to function only while the system is calling for Heat or Cool air. Sometimes programming or smart thermostat settings are the real reason the system hasn’t turned on. If the system is turned to OFF, then nothing you do when you change the temperature settings will make it work.

Check to see what is running and what is not.

Is the outdoor equipment running? Does air come out of the supply grilles? If not check and see if the indoor fan is running by switching the fan position from AUTO to ON. Does it make any noise? If so you know that your air handler is working.

If not, it could be the air handler is turned off. Locate the power switch that feeds power to the furnace. Even if your problem is air conditioning, in most cases, the furnace switch needs to be on to power the air handler. The switch is simply a light switch mounted near the furnace.

If the switch is on and the unit is not running you should check the circuit breakers in the main electrical panel to your home. Reset any tripped breakers. If breakers continue to trip you will need to call for service.

When air is coming out of the ducts and the A/C will not cool, check to see if the unit outside is running. If not, check the circuit breakers. In cases where the circuit breaker is still on and this does not solve your problem, you need a repair.

Can I fix the system myself?

The first thing to remember is your safety. Your system is powered with electricity and natural gas which can cause injury to you and your property. The air conditioning system contains refrigerant under high pressure. Any repair work to your system should be done by a trained service technician with proper tools, and equipment.

You should not attempt to repair your equipment yourself unless it is a simple problem of re-setting a circuit breaker. Just remember, circuit breakers trip for a reason. If you continue to have a problem with circuit breakers, that can be a sign of a more serious problem. Don’t delay in calling for service if you experience this problem.

Need help in the Rock Hill/Charlotte area?

If you are located in the Rock Hill, SC area or even a bit further north in Charlotte, NC, you are in our service area. Our phone lines are answered 24 hours each day, and we respond as quickly as possible to emergency repair calls.