7 Tips to Prepare Your AC for Summer Vacations

A view of an air conditioner condenser unit in the backyard of a home.

Summer is a great time of year to get some quality time away from home. Whether you’re staying near to home or far off abroad, getting away from the house and responsibilities can improve your health. While you are away, however, you need to think about the health of your HVAC system. You should take measures to prepare your system and make sure it doesn’t work too hard while you’re away. For the best results, reach out to professional AC repair services, or a company that specializes in AC installation in Rock Hill. They can give you further advice on prepping your system.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Before you leave on vacation, check the clearance of the outdoor AC unit. Over time, there may be a build up of branches, leaves, and debris that can affect the unit’s efficiency. This is especially important if you have plants growing in the vicinity of the unit itself.

Trim any of these plants back to allow for at least 12 inches of clearance from the unit.You should also check the area for loose debris that may get blown towards the unit during inclement weather. If your unit seems particularly dirty, it may be time to contact AC repair in Rock Hill. A good cleaning can keep your system efficient and ready for your return from vacation.

Set the Thermostat

Typically,people keep their thermostats at a temperature suitable for their comfort. While you are gone, however, it is more important to keep it at a temperature that is best for the health of the system. Unless someone in your family is staying home, you can move up the thermostat.

Generally, you should keep your thermostat set at a temperature close to that of the outside environment. For instance, you can set your thermostat around 80 degrees if you’re not home in the summer. This temperature allows you to keep your home at a temperature that is safe for your appliances and belongings, but saves your AC system from doing any additional work. Any extra work causes wear and tear.

Open the Vents

You may be in the habit of closing your supply vents while you are away for one reason or another. In actuality,you should always keep them open. This is especially true while your AC unit is still running and no one is home. The supply vents allow fresh air to come into the house, which allows for proper circulation. Also, if your AC unit is on while the vents remain closed, you can damage the system by making it work harder than it needs to.

Clean and Replace Filters

Although you should always be diligent about changing out your filters, take extra care to do so before you leave for vacation. While you’re already checking on your AC system, you might as well clean and replace your filters. Cleaning and replacing the filters on your AC system is an easy way to dramatically increase the efficiency of your system. If you leave your filters dirty and blocked up, the system will work too hard while you’re away. And, when you return, your health is on the line. Dirty filters can harbor bacteria and other respiratory irritants that can spread throughout your home’s air ducts.

Clear Condensate Drain Line

As your AC system cools and conditions the air, the hotter, more humid air causes condensation that builds up around the unit. This condensation then drips into a pan and flows out of the house through the condensate drain line. Sometimes, this line can develop a clog or back-up, causing unwanted moisture buildup in your attic near the AC unit. Before you leave for a trip, check your condensate drain line. You don’t want to experience a clog while you’re gone because water damage can occur. If a serious blockage of this line occurs, contact HVAC repair in Rock Hill.

Prepare Your Home

An often overlooked way to keep your home efficiently temperature controlled while you are away is to prepare the rooms in your house to maximize air flow. To prevent the sun from unnecessarily warming the interior, close your curtains and blinds. Doing so keeps your air conditioner from working harder than it should. You should also keep the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms open to increase the airflow and efficiency of your air conditioner.

Call For a Professional Inspection

With that said, the best thing you can do before going on vacation is to schedule a professional HVAC service inspection. A professional technician can go through your AC system and check for anything that would need to be updated or repaired before you leave. Contact HVAC installation services in order to find a qualified technician to perform this service.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I prepare my air conditioner for the summer?

There are many things you can do to prepare your air conditioner for the summer. First and foremost, change and replace the filters. It’s the easiest way to improve efficiency. Secondly, keep the supply vents open and the external unit clear of debris as part of your summer maintenance tasks. Make sure that your thermostat has an appropriate temperature and isn’t running all day long. As always, the best preparation of your AC system for the summer is a professional HVAC service technician’s inspection. Only this can fully ensure that your system is ready for anything the weather throws at it.

What should you set your AC at when on vacation?

Generally, a good rule of thumb is to set your thermostat to a temperature that closely resembles that of the outside environment during the day. If you are leaving your home during the summer, a good temperature to shoot for is 83 degrees.

If you plan on leaving for vacation, call us for maintenance or AC installation in Rock Hill. We’re here to help you keep your air conditioner in great shape while you’re away on vacation.

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