Choosing a Contractor

Handy Tips for choosing your HVAC contractor

Choosing a contractor isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Chances are you’ve found our website through an online search, but there are certainly other things to consider. Here’s a list of things to think about when choosing an HVAC contractor or any contractor for that matter. You’ll also see our answers to why you should choose us.

Check the License

Heating and Air Conditioning contractors must be State licensed in the state they are working in. In addition, many municipalities require specialty contractor licenses and business licenses. It is important to know that the HVAC contractor you choose is a valid license holder and is current with all continuing education requirements.

The name on the license should be the same as the contractor (or the name of the business). Remember, it is illegal for a contractor to use another contractor’s license, just as it is illegal for someone to use another’s driver’s license.

Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc.
South Carolina Mechanical Contractor License #M3870
North Carolina Mechanical Contractors License #18392

Is the contractor committed to complete customer satisfaction?

At Panther Heating & Cooling, we survey every service customer for satisfaction after the call and maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating. We aren’t satisfied until you are.
Trane Heating and Cooling Dealer Truck

Check References

Ask the contractor for local references. Call to see if they were satisfied with the work. A reputable contractor will be proud to list their references. If possible, visit a job in progress to see how the contractor works. Talk to the customer about work habits, costs, and the contractor’s level of cooperation. Find out if the contractor has maintained the work schedule and honored the terms of the contract.

Contact Us or call 803-327-2700 for a list of Customer References. Also see our Testimonials Page.

Is the HVAC Contractor Insured?

The law requires workers compensation insurance coverage for licensed contractors. Ask the contractor if his company is insured against property damage, and personal liability in case of accidents. Ask to see a copy of the certificate of insurance (or ask for the name of your contractor’s insurance carrier and agency) to verify that the contractor has insurance.

Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc. is fully insured through Berkley Southeast Insurance Group

Agent: Wil Plyler Insurance Agency: (803) 366-4196

Can you trust the contractor to do what they say they will do?

A verbal understanding of what the contractor will do may not hold up when you don’t get the job you are looking for. The best solution is a formal written proposal detailing the entire scope of work and a full explanation of every line item on the proposal. This eliminates any confusion or misunderstandings that might occur after the work has begun. The contractor is obligated to perform according to the written, signed proposal which when executed, become a legal binding document. At Panther Heating & Cooling we are happy to provide each customer with detailed information in writing before any work in started. You will not get a surprise half way through the job if we missed a detail. Our proposal is our firm price.

People Deal with People!

Here’s the bottom Line. At Panther Heating & Cooling you can trust us to do the right thing every time. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best service possible to keep you and your family comfortable for years to come.

Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc. Call (803) 327-2700 or email us for a free estimate or service repair.