Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency


Each year, poor attic ventilation, improperly sealed windows, and aging HVAC systems lead South Carolina homeowners to waste hundreds of dollars. At Panther HVAC, we’d like to put that money back in your wallet. In addition to saving you money, our energy efficiency services are an investment in your comfort, safety, and HVAC system longevity.


Panther HVAC is an ENERGY STAR partner certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Comfort Institute (NCI), and North American Technician Excellence (NATE). Our extensive training and credentialing allows us to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and recommend system upgrades, retrofits, and simple changes that could result in significant annual savings and a smaller carbon footprint. We are the Rock Hill, SC energy management experts.

Tips for Energy Efficiency

There are many simple things you can do to green your home and save money on monthly energy, beginning with purchasing an ENERGY STAR-qualified air conditioning system when it is time to replace old HVAC equipment. Additional steps include:

  • Changing or cleaning HVAC filters frequently: every one to two months during high-usage periods. New filters are inexpensive and allow your system to heat or cool without working as hard.
  • Purchasing an annual Energy Savings Agreement. Regularly cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating your equipment leads to improved performance and lifespan, which saves you money and keeps you more comfortable.
  • Installing high-quality windows, blackout curtains or insulated blinds. Filtering heat and direct sunlight keeps your home cooler. During winter, opening blinds allows you to benefit from solar heat gain.
  • Using fans to move conditioned air. It takes little energy to run ceiling fans and stand fans. Remember to turn fans off when you leave the house, though. They are designed to cool people, not spaces.
  • Plugging leaks with caulking or weather stripping. It is surprising how much air can be lost through small gaps. If you feel a draft around windows and doors, fill these spaces so you don’t waste warm or cool air.

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