Geothermal Repair

If your geothermal systems has stopped cooling or heating, you need a geothermal repair expert from Panther Heating and Cooling right away.

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Geothermal Repair in the Charlotte area

Geothermal Repair for All Brands

As the Charlotte areas experts in Geothermal installations, we know everything about how geothermal systems operate. We are both WaterFurnace GeoPro Installers and Trane Comfort Specialists, but our expertise translates to other brands of geothermal systems as well. While geothermal systems are expected to last much longer than traditional systems, they can still encounter problems like leaks, broken wiring, loop issues, low refrigerant, and defective reversing valves. Our trained technicians will do a complete evaluation of your geothermal system to determine the problem.

We service and repair geothermal systems in Rock Hill, Fort Mill and the greater Charlotte area.

Things to Check Before Scheduling a Service Call

  • Make sure air filters are clean and not preventing air flow through the system
  • Check to make sure the geothermal unit has power (sometimes switches get turned off by mistake)
  • Check your circuit box to make sure a breaker hasn’t tripped

Warning Signs You May Need Geothermal Repair

If we have installed your geothermal heat pump and set up electronic monitoring, we might be calling you to schedule the repair because our computer systems will alert us if your system is running abnormally. If monitoring isn’t set up, then here are a few signs that you probably need a checkup or service call.

  • Strange wet spots in your lawn. It could be from leaks in your underground loop.
  • Strange spikes in your electric bill.
  • Noises, low airflow and other traditional signs that your heat pump has a mechanical issue

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