5 Major Reasons Why Your HVAC System Breaks Down

old and damaged hvac unit

Your HVAC system in Rock Hill is bound to break down at some point in time, but the way you treat it can either increase or decrease the frequency of repairs. By understanding the reasons for HVAC breakdowns, you may be able to reduce the need for repairs. Learn more about the common reasons for HVAC failure and find out how an HVAC inspection can help. 

1. Broken Thermostat 

If you’re lucky, a broken thermostat is the reason for your broken HVAC system. Thermostats are easy to replace, so you should hope for this problem over any of the others on this list. If you have a problem with your AC or heater, the first thing you should do is to check the thermostat. 

First, look at the display. Is it blank? If so, you might need to replace the batteries. The problem also could be the thermostat itself, in which case you might notice that the HVAC doesn’t respond to your temperature settings or that the thermostat reads the temperature as too high or too low. 

If you have an older thermostat, replacing it with a new one comes with several benefits. You can install a smart thermostat that allows you to control the temperature from your phone. The thermostat can pick up on your habits and suggest ideal temperature settings for your home. As a result, you have lower energy bills and an HVAC system that lasts longer.

2. Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter is bad news for your HVAC system. When your filter collects too much dust and debris, it slows the airflow in your system. Your HVAC needs to work harder to heat and cool your home, and that increased workload could result in your HVAC system failing.

If your air filter is too dirty, your system may not turn on at all. You can fix this by changing out the filter and avoid it by replacing your filters once every three months. In addition to reducing the need for repairs, changing out your filters lowers your energy bills, increases the lifespan of your HVAC, and makes your air cleaner. 

Depending on the number of people and animals in your home, you may need to change your filters more frequently. If your filters seem dirty after two months of use, change them every two months. Find out the ideal time frame and set a reminder on your phone. 

3. Poorly Balanced Dampers

 You’ll be on the lookout for companies that service HVAC near me if you have dampers that are imbalanced. If some rooms seem much colder than others or your HVAC heats but don’t cool well, you could have a balance issue. 

 Each season, check the balance of the ductwork. This isn’t something you need to handle on your own but is something a professional can do for you. After they adjust your dampers, you might need to find the best settings throughout the season. But you should start with professional tuning for the best results. 

It’s worth bringing up the fact that not all systems are the same. If your HVAC system has furnace ducting, the humidifier needs to be blocked during the summer. You can always ask your HVAC technician about seasonal changes and requirements. 

4. Faulty Installation 

In a perfect world, every professional would be capable of performing an adequate HVAC installation. But sadly, this isn’t reality. Some installers aren’t qualified for the job and end up doing shoddy work on the installation. 

All of the following issues could occur during installation, which leaves you with an inefficient or even a broken HVAC.

Bad Airflow

If an installer isn’t qualified or careful, they could leave you with leaky ducts or a blockage in the system. Either way, you can be sure there will be consequences. 

Not Enough Refrigerant 

Your HVAC depends on refrigerant. If an installer undercharges the refrigerant, there will be heating and cooling issues. To address this, you need a qualified technician to recharge the refrigerant. Because your refrigerant is a closed system, you should only need more refrigerant if there’s a leak in the line.

Too Much Refrigerant 

 Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. When you have a refrigerant overcharge, the lines may freeze over. There could also be too much stress on your cooling system.

Non-Condensible Gases

Your refrigerant lines should only contain refrigerant. However, an installer could make a mistake with the system pressure. The result would be non-condensable gases in with your refrigerant, which is detrimental to your HVAC. 

Wrong Voltage

If you have too low a voltage, your HVAC system won’t be able to work at the most efficient rate. Similarly, too high of a voltage could cause trouble. Your system might short circuit every time you use it. 

Undersized System

Your HVAC technician should properly size your system based on your needs and home size. If a system is too small for your home, it will need to work too hard to cool your home. Then, it will break down frequently. 

5. No Maintenance 

Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance. If you don’t ever get maintenance or you only do it every few years, your system won’t last. As soon as you get a new HVAC system, look for an expert in HVAC near me to perform maintenance a minimum of once a year. 

Here at Panther, we can take care of your HVAC system. If you have trouble, you can count on us to fix it. Let us tell you what’s wrong with your heating and cooling, and let us take on your repair or maintenance. 

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