Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Heating System?


When your heater in Rock Hill stops working, you have a big decision to make. You can either pay for a repair or choose to install a brand new heating system. While you might think this is a simple choice, that’s far from the truth. If you replace your system too soon, you’re spending more money than you need to spend. However, if you repair your system when it’s near the end of its life, you waste money on frequent repairs. Find out how you can tell which decision is right for you, and call a heating repair service for more assistance.

When is a Repair the Right Choice?

If you have a new heater, you don’t need to think too hard about replacing your HVAC system. Typically, a heating or cooling system lasts between 15 and 25 years. That timeline varies based on how you treat your HVAC system, but you can expect that a five-year-old heating system doesn’t need to be replaced. The only exception is for heaters that had improper installation.

So, a repair is probably the proper choice if you have a newer HVAC system. Homeowners with systems older than 12 years have a tough decision to make. If the system is near the end of its life, it could continue to develop problems. You might need a new repair every month. By replacing your HVAC system, you could save money on those repairs.

It’s always a good idea to repair your HVAC if it is under warranty. As long as you didn’t do anything to void your warranty, you can have the manufacturer reimburse you for the cost of the repairs. Just keep in mind that not all repairs fall under the warranty and that you could void the warranty if you don’t comply with all the terms.

When Should You Replace Your Heating System?

If you have an old HVAC system, you should seriously consider replacing it. Even if this new repair lasts for several months, you never know when the next issue will arise. You could be spending thousands of dollars each year to keep your heater working. Meanwhile, the costs of the repairs might be equivalent to the cost of a new heating system.

And this brings us to the next point. If your HVAC system needs a major repair, the cost of that repair could make a replacement more economical. There’s a simple formula that can help you decide whether or not a repair is worthwhile. First, take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the system’s age. If the number is less than $5000, you should consider making the repair.

If the number is greater than $5,000, you should look into replacing your heater. It may not make sense to repair it because you may need to replace it soon. Consider this example. You have a unit that needs $350 in repairs, but the unit is 15 years old. After you do the math, you get a value of $5,250. This tells you to consider replacing your system because it’s old enough that you may need to replace it in the near future.

While a $350 repair might not seem like much, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over the course of three years, you could spend $5,000 in repairs. Then, you might have no choice but to replace the system. In addition to the $5,000 you already spent, you need to pay for a new system and installation. 

Don’t Let the Cost of a New System Scare You

People often hope to hear that their heater will last them for decades. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and repairs will only get you so far. The best option for you could be to replace your unit. As scary as that might sound, the cost of it won’t necessarily destroy your bank account.

This is because there are options for financing your new heating system. Depending on your HVAC company and your credit, you may be eligible for payment plans. When you call a quality heating service, you can learn more about the total cost of a new system and the financing options. 

Another important detail is the issue of efficiency. If you have a 20-year old heating system, it isn’t as efficient as a newer system. Your energy bills could be hundreds of dollars higher than they need to be. By installing a new system, you can cut your energy costs and put money back into your bank account. 

Money-Saving Tips

There are other ways to offset the cost of a new heater. For example, you could replace your heater in the spring or fall. HVAC companies tend to be less busy during these times and sometimes offer discounts or specials. 

Additionally, you should choose a system of the appropriate size. If you have an oversized system, it will cost you more. It also won’t last as long as a properly sized system. When you speak to an HVAC technician, you can ask them to help you pick the right system. 

The key to saving money on your installation is to work with an experienced professional. Your technician should be able to help you pick a heater that’s within your budget. Furthermore, they should be able to provide the installation at an affordable cost. 

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