Prompt. Honest. Dependable.

Call Panther for all of your heating, cooling, and energy efficiency needs

Prompt. Honest. Dependable.

Call Panther for all of your heating, cooling, and energy efficiency needs


At Panther Heating & Cooling, we never want finances to prevent you from achieving the level of comfort you deserve in your home. No matter what your heating and cooling needs may be, we offer different financing options for everyone. Contact us and we can discuss how to get you started.

Making an Impression…

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC 29730

“I can’t remember the other guys name but both were good. Very professional and thoughtful about being health conscious. I haven’t had anyone in my home but me since March and I was glad they were so conscious about things! It really put me at ease. Plus it was cool to hear Bobby talk about when he originally installed my unit like 10 plus years ago and how much the area has grown. I’m requesting both of them in advance for my spring visit!”

- Ronald C.

Gas Furnace Repair in Rock Hill, SC 29730

“Bobby and Lauren were both very helpful and attentive to our needs. The scheduling was convenient (it was nice to talk to a real person on the phone), the service was professional and informative, and the problem was resolved.”

- Matthew T.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC 29732

“He did a great job, was thorough, and we felt very pleased with the service.”

- Thomas L.


We are family owned and operated, which means we provide a personal touch with everything we do. Our Panther Heating and Cooling team always goes the extra mile to be sure you are satisfied, safe, and comfortable in your home.

Whether it's heating, cooling, or improving the air quality of your home or business, rest assured that Panther has the right product for you.

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