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An HVAC malfunction can be a tragedy for you and your family, especially during the hot summer months or the dead of winter. 

With Panther heating and cooling, we have the ability and knowledge to repair your HVAC system immediately and thoroughly. We inspect your situation and diagnose the problem to alleviate emergencies and provide long-lasting solutions.

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Panther Heating and Cooling is your #1 HVAC contractor in Rock Hill, SC, and the surrounding communities. We are the leading company for all of your air conditioning repair needs. If you need repairs, maintenance, or a brand new system installed, the Panther Heating and Cooling technicians are the qualified and professional crew for the job.

We provide the highest quality service for your air conditioner. We also aim to educate and inform our customers. Informed decisions are good decisions. We want you to feel confident we are qualified to perform the service you are hiring us for.

  • We are a trusted business in the Rock Hill area
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Common Air Conditioner and Heating Repair Requests

At Panther heating and cooling, we have truly seen it all, and here are the most common HVAC issues that our community seems to run into:

1. Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant levels in your AC unit should never change, so if you have an AC leak, it can cause an insufficient amount of cool air in your home and leave you feeling toasty in the summer months. A leak in your AC system will require a leak repair seal and restoration of proper refrigerant levels.

2. Drainage Problems

Whenever your AC unit runs, the cold air creates condensation in your outside AC unit. The outside AC unit always has a drainage pan to catch the condensation and keep some moisture out of your indoor system. However, if the drain pan becomes clogged or dirty, it can cause many problems, including high humidity in your home and even halt your AC system.

3. Broken Condenser Fan

Most AC systems have a Condensing unit that looks like a big metal box, usually outside your home. If the condenser fan has broken, the system will be unable to perform in case all of the condensing coils cool your refrigerant to create cool air.

4. Compressor Issues

A compressor repair is complex and costly. It is the life of your air conditioner unit, and nothing in the system will work properly. If the compressor is damaged, compressors are expensive to replace mints and repair so consider investing in a new AC system if your compressor has failed.

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check the Breaker

An electrical overload can happen without your knowledge knocking out your HVAC system. If your unit doesn’t turn on, ensure you don’t have a tripped breaker.

2. Inspect the Thermostat

Always check your thermostat. If the batteries are dead, make sure they are freshly changed, and the COOL setting is on. Finally, make sure the fan is on. Call Panther to discuss smart thermostat replacements if your thermostat is not functioning. 

3. Change your Filter

You can solve the most common HVAC problems by changing your air filters regularly. When your filters block airflow with dust debris and dirt, it can cause leaks in your ducts and cause your AC to freeze up.

4. Melt any Ice

A unit can become frozen due to many causes like clogged air filters or leaky ducts. If you find ice on your unit, turn off the system so the ice will melt and the AC unit can cool air again. Run the air or leave the system off for 24 hours to melt the ice safely.

After trying these tips, you should be able to see improvement in your AC system. If you get no results, it’s time to call in an expert from Panther Heating and Cooling.

Get to Know your Air Conditioner

An Air Conditioner Doesn’t Create Cool Air.

What happens in the AC process is the removal of heat from the air. Your AC uses a chemical called refrigerant to remove heat and transfer it outside. The warm air runs through the lines, coils in your unit, goes from liquid to gas, and back again. During this process, the refrigerant removes the heat and transfers it elsewhere so that it is cool when the air comes out the other side.

Your AC Will Remove Humidity.

Lower humidity helps the overall comfort level in your home by making you feel cooler, even if the temperature is the same.

Your Air Filter Needs To Be Checked And Replaced Every Three To Six Months.

(depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations)

A dirty air filter restricts your airflow, which reduces efficiency and costs over time. It can stress your unit and cause a costly repair.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance.

Your air conditioner needs regular checkups to keep it running in tip-top shape. Regular annual preventative maintenance will give your system longer life and fewer breakdowns.

The SEER Rating Matters!

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiency. Efficiency is calculated by the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency.

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At Panther Heating and Cooling, we will exceed your expectations and offer trustworthy and reliable customer service. We will work with you to find solutions that fit your budget and vision. We use the most modern and efficient technology and can provide same-day service.

Your indoor comfort is our priority. Keep it cool and comfy with Panther’s HVAC repair services in Rock hill. We offer the best air conditioner repair in Rock Hill and the surrounding areas. 

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Need Air Conditioner Service?

Contact the experts at Panther Heating and Cooling.

Call us at (803) 327-2700